Orders of Protection Attorney in Naperville, IL


The Law Offices of David Guy Stevens, LLC focusses on representing individuals accused of violent crimes.

Allegations of domestic violence are no longer taken less seriously than other criminal acts, and the penalties and conditions that can be placed on someone convicted of domestic violence have grown much tougher as well.

The Law Office of David G. Stevens, LLC represents individuals in Chicago and throughout Kane, DuPage, Kendall, Will, and De Kalb counties and defends them against these serious charges.


The Law Office of David Guy Stevens, LLC provides legal representation in both criminal cases and in defending clients against Illinois orders of protection.

Criminal charges in these cases may range from simple assault to felony offenses and can result in significant jail time and other severe consequences.

Personal orders of protection include emergency orders, interim orders, and plenary orders. Of these, plenary orders last longest and carry the most burdensome restrictions on your personal freedom.