Case Results


Put on and cross examined expert witnesses

Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Proved that the police did not have probable cause to search my client’s vehicle after stopping him for speeding.  Suppressing the evidence of unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and forcing the State to dismiss the case.

DUI Drugs

My client was mistakenly found guilty at trial, however I was able to overturn the verdict arguing the prosecutors charged wrong section of the DUI statute.  My client was then found not guilty.

Felony False Police reports

At trial my client was found not guilty for felony disorderly conduct, alleging that she filed false police reports. My clients gets badly beaten by her boyfriend on two consecutive days. He was arrested and was facing felony domestic battery charges.  She was a single mother of 3 and currently pregnant with number 4. She had a job but still relied on his support to survive. She knew if the father of her children went to prison then she would get absolutely no support. At trial, she recanted and said that she lied to the police and she wasn’t battered.  He was therefore found not guilty so the prosecutors retaliated and charged my client with the felony. When I tried to negotiate, with mitigating facts such as she is pregnant and a single mother of 3, a multi-time victim of abuse, has no criminal history, is a nurse, and would lose her career if convicted of a felony, The State gave an offer of a misdemeanor but she would have to do 120 days in jail.  So I took it to trial, put the prosecutor on the stand, and argued that sure she lied but that is not the charge. The State had to prove she lied the first time and they can’t. The State tried to victimize a victim of abuse but justice was ultimately served.

DWLS and Vehicle Forfeiture

My client had multiple DWLRs based on DUI and was facing mandatory jail.  Not only did I get the case dismissed but I also got his 2010 Lexis back from forfeiture proceedings.  My clients was stopped for a Scott’s Law violation. I proved that he couldn’t get over and he did slow down.

Election Law

Recently, I represented a client wishing to run for office in the upcoming municipal elections.  His eligibility to be on the ballot was challenged.  The Objector argued that the Candidate did not meet the residency requirement set forth in the statute.  The facts were not disputed, so the case came down to an interesting legal argument on statutory plain language versus intent.  Upon the conclusion of arguments the board ruled in our favor against the recommendations of their own legal counsel.

The Objector requested Judicial Review and there was a second hearing on Statutory Construction. We won for the second time.