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Our DUI firm understands how defendants facing criminal charges can feel overwhelmed by the criminal justice system. At The Law Offices of David Guy Stevens, LLC, we will walk through the entire process. A skillful DUI advocate will be with you at every phase, including the pre-trial stages that consist of investigation, bail proceedings, arraignment, and preliminary hearings. Our firm believes the criminal investigation process to be vital as it includes witness interviews, local Will County area police statements, and all facts gathered in the case. Moreover, The Law Offices of David Guy Stevens, LLC will be there when the judge determines bail.

Whether handling high-profile cases in the Will County area or less publicized clients, the legal team at The Law Offices of David Guy Stevens, LLC puts the same level of quality service and personal attention into every case. We treat every detail of your DUI case as important because we know that the secret to your best resolution is often in its details. With 10 years of experience, our firm knows that every case is different, and different skills need to be individually applied to each one.

No matter what part of the DUI process you are facing, it is never too late to seek out help from The Law Offices of David Guy Stevens, LLC. We understand how a criminal allegation can affect your life, so we want you to trust us to be your legal guides throughout the DUI process in Will County.

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In order to continue providing the best DUI legal advice possible, The Law Offices of David Guy Stevens, LLC plans on working closely with all of our clients in the Will County to ensure the best-case results. Give our offices a call today!

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