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child custody and visitationDavid Guy Stevens and Katherine Sharp are skilled in the area of family law, having represented husbands, wives, fathers and mothers, not only helping them though the legal requirements of a divorce, but also aggressively fighting for important issues such as visitation, child support, property battles, and child custody.

Oftentimes, making decisions about child custody and visitation can be the most difficult aspect of a divorce. The Law Offices of David Guy Stevens, LLC located in Aurora, and Naperville Illinois, is committed to making the process easier.

The Law Offices of David Guy Stevens, LLC. has provided experienced legal representation and guidance to family law clients in Aurora, Naperville, Chicago, and surrounding Illinois communities

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Recent Case Law and News:

  • Child Custody 1st Dist.

    In re Marriage of Perry, 2012 IL App (1st) 113054 (May 7, 2012) Cook Co., 4th Div. (PUCINSKI) Affirmed.

    Court granted husband temporary custody of parties’ three minor children and possession of home upon his oral request at hearing on wife’s petition for temporary custody of children and temporary possession of home. Wife failed to object to his oral request and thus waived his failure to have pleadings on file on these issues. Court did not exceed its authority to determine justiciable issues. Court properly considered impact on parties’ children of wife’s work as an escort. (FITZGERALD SMITH and STERBA, concurring.)

  • NBA Star’s Ex-Wife Must Go to Florida to Visit Kids .

    A Cook County judge on Tuesday ordered the former wife of NBA basketball star Dwyane Wade to shift visits with her children from the Chicago area to Florida until the court determines whether she interfered with a previously arranged visitation schedule.(Chicago Tribune)

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